The big idea

Have you ever wanted to test your orienteering to the limit? to see if you can cope with a longer than the usual long distance race. Now you can enjoy the rigours of the ‘classic’  with a series of 3 classic distance races this coming winter/spring.

The series will also help to prepare our Irish seniors and the more experienced juniors to compete on ‘classic’ distance orienteering courses. Using the same classic scale maps as will be found at most major European competitions this coming summer (1:15000).

However, it’s not all about the elites! The Long O races will be open to all runners capable of meeting the physical and technical challenge of the classic distance.

Sunday 13th February -  Florencecourt, Fermanagh 

Sunday 27th February – Carlingford mountain, Louth

Sunday 20th March – Tollymore/Lukes/Meelmore, Down

* not all permissions have been obtained yet but should be in place by competition time.

On the day there will be a choice of 3 courses – The main classic distance, a medium and a short course (16km, 12km, 7km rough example) please note – those wanting to run with 1:10000 maps must run the shortest course.  

Starts will be from 1000am – 1130 am, with an entry fee of 5£/euro per person.

Safety kit must be carried by all competitors (more details later). There will be a strict kit check for all competitors.   Any competitor not carrying the correct kit will be disqualified or refused a start!

Competitors best 2 results in the series will count towards overall standings. There will be a few prizes up for grabs.

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