Race 3, Tollymore

The third and final race in the 2011 Irish Long O series takes place on the northern slopes of the Mourne mountains. courses will cover the areas of Meelmore, Lukes mountain and the Tollymore forest, which is also where the event registration will be located.

The race will be on Sunday March 20th, with start times from 10am to 1130am. Registration will be situated In the forest park (follow the O signs). The entrance to Tollymore forest is off the main road between Bryansford and Newcastle, Co Down. You can view a google map of the area here.

There are 3 courses available:

Long 16.0km, 875m climb, 21 controls, 1:15k map scale

Middle 10.4km, 625m climb, 15 controls, 1:15k map scale

Short 5.9km, 220m climb,  8 controls, 1:10k map scale

 All courses are Technical difficulty 5, suitable for orienteers of Green standard or above. Competitors must also choose to run a course which is suitable for their physical ability. The terrain for the last race will be a mixture of fast open and fast forest, with some steep climbs on the longer courses, however there will be some longer legs with less technical demands on the runner (compared to Slieve Foye!) The short course uses 100% forest terrain with some track running involved.

Planner: Ivan Millar, Organisers: Mandy Millar and Greg McCann

Thanks to Lagan valley orienteering club for helping stage the race.

The entry fee for each person is £5 or 5 euro for those living in the euro zone. Pre-entry is available through the Oentries website. If you do not wish to pre-enter we ask that all competitors email the organisers, elites@orienteering.ie at least 24 hours before the event to reserve maps. The organisers cannot guarantee a run if you do not pre-enter or reserve a map! The forest service of Northern Ireland charge for carparking in Tollymore. Those who do not hold an annual parking permit must pay the charge (£4) on leaving the park.

There will be a short prize giving ceremony following the event, Soup and a roll will also be available afterwards. 

Safety policy

Orienteering is an adventure sport, competitors take part at their own risk. The LongO series will expose competitors to wild and challenging terrain in unpredictable winter weather. All competitors will be expected to carry certain safety equipment and follow strict safety rules.

Your SI card must be downloaded whether or not you complete your course.

Courses close at 3.30pm sharp! Competitors must aim to finish their course within 3 hours. In poor weather for safety head down off the mountain in an easterly direction.

Kit list

All competitors must carry the following: Whistle, cag and full leg cover (can be carried) There will be a kit check prior to starts. It is recommended that competitors carry gloves/hat in poor weather, some food or energy bar for when the going gets tough and a mobile – just in case, the organisers mobile number will be printed on the race map.

4 Responses to Race 3, Tollymore

  1. Colm O'Cnoic says:

    16.0km…. Awesome!

  2. 625m climb … on the Middle course. (Wipes anticipated sweat from brow.)

  3. Billy Reed says:

    Brilliant series…. many thanks to the Millar clan and the others which put in so much effort to plan and organise all this. Must have taken a huge effort. Really hope it happens again next year :)

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