Tollymore Routegadget

You can now draw your route from yesterdays race on Routegadget and see who took the best route up those hills!

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Tollymore/Meelmore results

Over 80 orienteers enjoyed fair weather and endured tough courses in the last race of the 2011 LongO series at Tollymore today.

Some very impressive times were recorded. Congratulations to todays Long course winners Seamus O’Boyle and Ciara Largey who lead a pack of 20 intrepid competitors on terrain stretching to the farthest reaches of the Meelmore map.

The Middle distance course was arguably the most challenging with a very high climb to length ratio taking its toll on the strong field of runners – well done to all who finished and as usual there was a strong tussle for the top spot amongst Irelands up and coming junior squad members. This time LVO’s Jack Millar came out on top, whilst CNOC’s Bernie O’Boyle made it two wins in a row and claimed the overall series prize for the womens Middle course.

Short course runners tested their map reading skills more than usual today. The short course map was printed at 1:15000 scale! A strong field of 35 took to the trails and forest of Tollymore with Gordon Fallis and Bridget Lawlor fastest today.

Full report and series results to follow.

Split time results now available on winsplits and splitsbrowser. Routegadget will be up soon.

Full results here:

Long  (20)        16.0 km  875 m   22 C 

    1 Seamus O’Boyle                CNOC                1:55:36
    2 Colm Hill                     CNOC                2:00:44
    3 Gerard Butler                 3ROC                2:03:39
    4 Ruairi Short                  CNOC                2:10:23
    5 Billy Reed                    LVO                 2:11:26
    6 Conor Short                   CNOC                2:25:27
    7 Ciara Largey                  FERMO               2:27:01
    8 Colm Moran                    3ROC                2:37:00
    9 Kieran Rocks                  LVO                 2:47:02
   10 Igor Stefko                   LVO                 2:48:05
   11 Gerard Cunningham             3ROC                2:49:11
   12 Paul McArthur                 LVO                 2:53:28
   13 Gerry Kingston                BARF                2:54:23
   14 Paul Smyth                    AJAX                3:01:10
   15 Mike Long                     AJAX                3:12:32
   16 Violet Linton                 LVO                 3:15:33
   17 Raymond Finlay                FERMO               3:38:24
   18 Fred Hamond                   LVO                 3:46:22
   19 Simon Reeve                   FERMO               3:46:56

      Billy Fyffe                   FERMO                    mp

Middle  (28)      10.1 km  625 m   14 C 

    1 Jack Millar                   LVO                 1:24:03
    2 Eoin McCullough               3ROC                1:27:30
    3 Laurence Quinn                GEN                 1:33:16
    4 Jonathan Quinn                GEN                 1:38:51
    5 Sean Knight                   LVO                 1:41:21
    6 Richard Parkin                LVO                 1:51:31
    7 Lyle Fleming                  LVO                 1:53:37
    8 Bobby Smyth                   NWOC                1:53:51
    9 Pat McCavana                  GEN                 1:54:12
   10 Mark Stephens                 LVO                 1:58:50
   11 John McAleavey                LVO                 2:00:12
   12 Val Jones                     FINGAL              2:01:22
   13 Graeme Francis                KNOBOC              2:03:05
   14 Shane O’Neill                 SETANTA             2:06:34
   15 Alan Elwood                   LVO                 2:07:35
   16 Don Short                     CNOC                2:13:55
   17 Joe McClure                   LVO                 2:14:19
   18 Tony Lawlor                   CNOC                2:14:45
   19 Stephen Knight                LVO                 2:19:14
   20 Bernie O’Boyle                CNOC                2:19:20
   21 Geoffrey Collins              LVO                 2:21:12
   22 Des Fletcher                  NWOC                2:27:00
   23 Kenny Weir                    LVO                 2:36:12
   24 Christophe Tabard             No Club             2:40:06
   25 Pauline O’Hara                LVO                 2:59:35
   25 Denise O’Hagan                LVO                 2:59:35
   27 Celine Bourdon                DUO                 3:10:34

      Senan O’Boyle                 CNOC                     mp

Short  (35)       5.7 km  220 m   8 C   

    1 Gordon Fallis                 FERMO                 50:14
    2 Harry Millar                  LVO                   50:47
    3 John McCullough               3ROC                  53:22
    4 Bridget Lawlor                CNOC                1:00:06
    5 Philip Baxter                 LVO                 1:00:50
    6 Mitch Bohan                   DFO                 1:01:47
    7 Sandis Retkins                FINGAL              1:02:32
    8 Dave Richardson               FINGAL              1:02:44
    9 Paul Keville                  SETANTA             1:04:04
   10 Cecil Armstrong               LVO                 1:04:18
   11 James Millar                  LVO                 1:04:37
   12 Eoghan Knight                 LVO                 1:05:22
   13 Richard McCourt               LVO                 1:05:33
   14 Olivia Baxter                 LVO                 1:06:36
   15 Caoimhe O’Boyle               CNOC                1:07:36
   16 Frazer Howe                   LVO                 1:08:33
   17 Gordon Stephens               LVO                 1:10:33
   18 Joseph Bingham                No Club             1:11:27
   19 Michael Murphy                LVO                 1:11:35
   20 Eithne Murphy                 LVO                 1:11:36
   21 Teresa Finlay                 FERMO               1:13:54
   22 Amy Teasdale                  No Club             1:17:59
   23 Kathryn Walley                FINGAL              1:18:06
   24 Wilson McAlister              LVO                 1:19:17
   25 Mary Knight                   LVO                 1:20:46
   26 Adam McAlister                LVO                 1:21:14
   27 Jean O’Neill                  SETANTA             1:21:22
   28 Jim Kelly                     LVO                 1:22:21
   29 Donal Kearns                  FINGAL              1:25:53
   30 Aileen Mc Carron              LVO                 1:26:53
   31 David Quinn                   GEN                 1:32:54
   32 Michael Butler                3ROC                1:33:28
   33 Peter Howe                    LVO                 1:35:10
   34 Marite Bormane                FINGAL              1:39:15
   35 Mick Kellet                   GEN                 1:57:01

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Tollymore final details

Entries close tonight on the Oentries site. To reserve you map for Sundays LongO race please Email your details (Name, club, course and SI number) to

The event registration will be in the low field near the camping toilet block (which will be open) parking will also be in this field. Registration will be signed from the main entrance avenue. Starts will be from the field entrance. Please pay for carparking on exit (£4.40).

Hill treker of Newcastle are helping with prizes for course winners. There will also be a spot prize for each course. Prize giving will be as close to 3pm as possible.

The weather forecast for Sunday is not too bad – However, competitors will be required to carry a whistle. Other items of safety kit (cag, phone, food) are recommended.

Finally, One LongO regular will be missing this Sunday – Good luck to Declan McGrellis who celebrates his 40th Birthday this Sunday by running the Rome marathon! (thats just Long)

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Tollymore details

Further details for the final race in the series at Tollymore forest are now available under the race 3, Tollymore heading.

Please enter the race using the Oentries service or reserve your map by emailing

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Series prizes

After much heated debate the Long O series organisers have finaly agreed on the prize allocations for the course winners. Prizes (to be decided) will be awarded to the best overall Male and Female on the 3 courses.

This all means that we have some winners already! congratulations to the Long course winners Colm Hill and Ciara Largey who have been victorious in the first two races.

There are still the Long distance runners-up spots to fight over. Ruth Lynam and Violet Linton both have a 2nd and 3rd so it all comes down to the last race for them.

The Mens runner-up spot could go to any of the following: Ruairi Short, Jonathan McCloy, Gerard Butler or Colm Moran.

Its very tight on the Middle course with a number of Irish juniors in the running for the prize. Joan Flanagan and Bernie O’Boyle both have a win on the Middle course.

Ingus Rektins has cleaned up on the short with 2 wins. Whilst Ann Savage and              Mary O’Connell have both won a race on the short course.

So the prizes (still to be decided) are up for grabs (3 anyway) Hope to see you all at Tollymore cheering on the winners!

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Race 3 entries

You can now enter the third race (Tollymore/Meelmore) in the LongO series using the Oentries entry system

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Short course splits


You can now view the Short course splits from Slieve Foye.

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